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For more than 50 years, WBTW has been a powerful television voice in Eastern South and North Carolina. It’s not at all unusual to meet folks in their thirties and forties who will tell you with a big smile.. “Why I grew up with WBTW, it has always been part of my family.” The management of WBTW knows of no finer testimonial nor a more meaningful obligation. Being part of the lives of Carolinians, North and South, is a constant goal.
The 1992 and 1998 awards as Station of the Year by the South Carolina Broadcasters Association and our intra-company President’s Award for Excellence are gratifying notes that we have not forgotten that goal.

Randy Ingram VP/General Manager 843-294-8302
Jamie Bethea Business Manager 843-294-8316
Michelle Frazer Accounting 843-294-8311
Rick Lorentson Chief Engineer 843-294-8305
Jennifer Wolfe Regional IT Manager 843-294-8358
Community Relations
Rainee Kite

Community Liaison 843-294-8385
Eric Walters Assistant News Director 843-294-8341
Nelson Watkins Production Supervisor 843-294-8427
Dana Ritter News Director 843-294-8335 
Marshall Staton Chief Photographer 843-294-8348
Sean Adams Producer 843-294-8408
Nicole Boone News Anchor 843-294-8337
Anna Marie Bost Senior Producer 843-294-8383
Jana Jones Digital Journalist 843-317-1351
Conan Gasque Sports Director 843-601-0942
Curtis Graham Photojournalist 843-294-8349
Brandon Herring DJ/News Anchor 843-294-8336
Libba Holland News Anchor/DJ 843-294-8344
Frank Johnson Chief Meteorologist 843-294-8361
Bob Juback News Anchor 843-294-8409
Elizabeth Kantlehner Producer 843-294-8413
Jonee’ Lewis DJ/News Anchor 843-294-8407
Meghan Miller DJ/News Anchor 843-294-8415 
Chasity Pendergrass Producer 843-294-8345
Taylor Herlong Digital Journalist 843-283-1613
Erin Moran Meteorologist 843-249-8362

Rusty Ray News Anchor 843-294-8343
James Reiner Director 843-294-8427
Kelsey Riggs Weekend Sports Anchor 843-294-8415
James Hopkins Meteorologist 843-294-8363
Nick Sturdivant Digital Journalist 843-283-3645 
Michael Turner Technical Director 843-294-8427
Dan Klintworth Marketing Director 843-294-8308
Greg Osborne Marketing Producer 843-294-8393
Commercial Traffic
     Commercial Traffic Instructions                           
Jeff West General Sales Manager 843-294-8309
Jon Erkenbrack Reg. National Sales Manager 843-294-8391
Brad Fludgate Local Sales Mgr/Myrtle Beach 843-294-8403
Shawn Carraway Local Sales Manager/Florence 843-317-1364
Michelle Marlowe Interactive Sales Manager 843-294-8307
Teri Edgar Myrtle Beach Account Exec 843-294-8387
Susan Houck Traffic Coordinator 843-294 8394
Angela Hudkins  Interactive Sales Coordinator 843-294-8303
Kim Fogle Florence Account Executive 843-317-1367
Peter Gray Florence Account Executive 843-317-1364
Austin Kokel Inventory Control Supervisor 843-294-8379
McKenzie Marker Myrtle Beach Account Exec 843-294-8423
Lindsay Osborne Local Sales Assistant 843-294-8389
Gwen Rumph Myrtle Beach Account Exec 843-294-8421
Kimberly Bethea Research Director 843-294-8398

Brian Simpson National Sales Assistant 843-294-8392
Patty Rogers Myrtle Beach Sr. Account Exec 843-294-8404

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