NC narcotics police officer fired, SBI investigates ‘criminal misconduct’

NC narcotics police officer fired, SBI investigates 'criminal misconduct' (Image 1)

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — A 20-year veteran police officer has been terminated after being the subject of an administrative investigation by the Greenville Police.

WNCT has confirmed the State Bureau of Investigation is also investigating Greenville Police Officer Rose Edmonds.

Edmonds was with the Greenville Police Department for 20 years.  Most recently, Edmonds worked as a narcotics detective.

Former Pitt County District Attorney Clark Everett and Greenville Police Chief Hassan Aden requested a probe back in December before Everett stepped down to retire after allegations arose involving what Chief Aden called “serious policy violations” and “criminal misconduct.”

During a press conference Friday, Chief Aden emphasized the higher standard he plans to hold his officers too. He said the department has taken the proactive steps necessary to resolve the problem, pointing to the termination of Edmonds Thursday as the final step in their administrative investigation.

Chief Aden could not comment on exactly what Edmonds was being investigated for, saying it would hinder the investigation but says he has implemented additional protocols to prevent this these alleged violations from happening in the future. He says most investigating officers now report directly to him and he checks off on most procedures.

Chief Aden concluded by speaking about the public's trust by saying Edmonds had tarnished it and “without the public's trust, we are finished.”

The SBI will continue their investigation into Rose Edmonds. Chief Aden could not give a definite time on when the investigation will be completed.

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