Pill Bust leads to six behind bars in Darlington County

Units with the Darlington County Combine Drug Unit raided a house Wednesday at 123 Terrell Street in Darlington and seized more than 450 illegal prescription pills. 

Grover Cleveland Odom Jr., 53, was charged with several drug charges, possession of a fire arm by a convicted felon, possession of a deadly weapon during the commission of a violate crime, and possession of stolen goods.

During the raid, undercover agents conducted reverse buys and arrested five others.  Dorothy Amerson, 50, of Darlington, Teddy Wayne Davis, 53, of Florence, Stanly Jason Bailey, 37, of Darlington, Joan Davis, 52, of Florence, and Darrell Grady, 46, of Darlington, were all charged with attempt to purchase a controlled substance.

Officials seized a small amount of cash and stolen items that will lead to solving at least one burglary so far. The case is still under investigation and more arrests are expected.

“This was one of the biggest Pill busts we have ever had in Darlington County. This guy was a major dealer” said Sheriff Wayne Byrd.

Odom is in the Darlington County Jail awaiting bond.  

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