Locals react to possible carnival coming to old Myrtle Beach Pavilion site

Locals react to possible carnival coming to old Myrtle Beach Pavilion site (Image 1)

Rides and games could return to the old Myrtle Beach Pavilion site.

The city of Myrtle Beach received an application from an outfit out of Orlando called Strates Show.  It wants to operate a carnival-type attractions on the land that's been pretty much vacant for 6-and-a-half years.

Right now this is just a proposal and Strates Shows says it will be at least June before you start to see its equipment at 9th Avenue North and Ocean Boulevard.

But, even the idea of something like the Pavilion returning to its old grounds has locals of all ages talking.

Ocean Boulevard in 1998 looks pretty different 15 years later.

If you take a step back even farther, you may remember the things in the black and white photographs of Myrtle Beach's old Pavilion that line the counter of another downtown staple, Peaches Corner.

Although Ben Pond wasn't around for the start of the Pavilion in 1958, he was around for its close in 2006.

“With that closing, and I've worked here for a long time, and it's just harder now.  It's just a different crowd that comes in without having the Pavilion here,” said Pond, a server at Peaches Corner.

Pond says he has his own memories of “The heart of Myrtle Beach.”

“I miss the original corkscrew, like the one that went upside down, that was the best one.”

Rides like that may be on their way back to downtown.

Victor Shamah at The Bowery says that means Myrtle Beach would be complete again.

“That was Myrtle Beach, we'd be glad to entertain them coming back over here to this area.  It's something everybody looks forward to whether it's kids, adults, everybody of all ages look for the energy that the carnival would bring to this area,” said Shamah.

“The downtown area here is what made Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach,” Shamah continued.

Pond agrees and says it's time the heart of the city comes back to life.

“It'll definitely bring back that local, on the beach, riding rides feel that we had with the Pavilion.”

Again, this is all in its very early stages.

Once the company gets its paperwork to Myrtle Beach's Special Events Committee, the committee will submit a recommendation to city council.

City council will then decide if it will or will not issue permits for the carnival.

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