Teen mom charged in toddler daughter’s dog mauling death near Savannah

Teen mom charged in toddler daughter's dog mauling death near Savannah (Image 1)

A teen mom near Savannah has been charged in the fatal dog mauling of her toddler daughter after deputies said several adults were in a house sleeping at 6:30 pm the day the attack happened.

The attack on Monica Renee Laminack, age 21 months, was the worst thing the Bryan County Sheriff said he had seen when it happened on March 27.

Summer Laminack,  age 18, was charged on Tuesday with Cruelty to Children in the Second Degree in the death of Monica, who was killed by several dogs, officials said.

Bryan County Sheriff Clyde Smith days the child was mauled by pit bull dogs owned by the family.  He says the child's clothes had been torn off and the girl and the girl was apparently dragged around the yard and that the child was dead at the scene.

 Smith says several people were apparently home at the time but were sleeping at 6:30 pm. on a Wednesday. He says apparently at one point the grandmother awakened and saw the attack and yelled “they're killing Monica.”

He said there were 3 adults and two young boys in the home at the time of the attack.

“The 18-year-old mother … picked the child up and stayed with it, but she knew the child was dead at that time,” the sheriff said.

He says the seven dogs, all pit bulls or mixed pit bulls, were “put down” and that he takes full responsibility for that decision.

  Laminack has been released on a $5000 bond. 

 Further action by the Bryan County Grand Jury is pending, officials said.

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