Myrtle Beach Police crackdown on prostitution, 7 arrests in one week

Myrtle Beach Police crackdown on prostitution, 7 arrests in one week (Image 1)

The latest woman to be arrested for prostitution is at least Myrtle Beach Police Department's seventh in the past week or so.

It's not hard to find prostitutes in the Myrtle Beach Area.

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Many of the past week's police reports suggest offenders use web sites like “” to connect.  Captain David Knipes with Myrtle Beach PD says that's step one.

“That gives the officers an opportunity to work some of these Internet sites that they have going on, backpage, craigslist, or anything along that line,” explained Knipes of what officers do in their spare time.

Many of you on the News 13 Facebook page ask why MBPD is focused on what you believe are non-violent crimes.

Knipes says the prostitution arrests lead to something much bigger.

“By looking into the prostitution, it's going to help us to use that information that they may be able to provide to us to solve armed robbery cases, criminal sexual conduct, and things of a more violent nature.”

The six women and one man arrested in the past week were found near Ocean Boulevard, Mr. Joe White Avenue, and one place locals may not expect.

Some of the last week's arrests have happened in The Market Common District.  Captain Knipes wants to point out, it's not that prostitution is happening at The Market Common, it's that offenders are using the centralized location to meet up.

“They're trying to set up a meeting through the Internet so that's just the location that might be used, next week that could change to a different location,” said Knipes.

Knipes says he knows public perception may be that police have better things to do.

“If this was going on in your neighborhood would you want to see a prostitute standing outside your house?” He questioned.

He says prostitutes don't just do it for money and why you make thing it's useless, it helps police in ways we may not see.

Captain Knipes says undercover officers make most of the arrests by surfing those Internet sites.

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