Youth ministry group makes progress on new teen center in Myrtle Beach

Youth ministry group makes progress on new teen center in Myrtle Beach (Image 1)

Piece by piece, Scott Payseur's vision is beginning to come together.

“This will be a full service coffee bar,” he said.

His vision is a safe place for teens to come and hang out in Myrtle Beach.

He works with a youth ministry group called Ground Zero.  It's not affiliated with any particular church or religion, but it does have a mission.

” [We're] focused on reaching middle school and high school students, and we do that through campus ministries,” Payseur said.  “We do different types of outreach events, different types of worship events throughout the school year.”

The inspiration to create the teen center came from Payseur's own experience growing up in a small North Carolina town and wanting to get involved with other kids who shared his faith.

“The opportunities that were there for me were things that I really had no interest in participating in, and a lot of my friends felt the same way.”

So this place is going to be different.

“The corner over here will actually be a merchandise store,” he said while giving  a tour of the building.

Ground Zero leased the building located at 904 Chester Street from the city of Myrtle Beach.   It's an old theater in the heart of downtown.

The city allowed the group to lease the building for one dollar a year for the next twenty years, under the condition that it would make all the renovations itself.

It's received a lot of help from area businesses who have chipped in with time, resources and materials.

“When you take the volunteer man hours, the discounts that we've received and the cash that's been donated, we've put about $1.2 million into it at this point,” Payseur said.

One of Ground Zero's annual fundraisers is the Dragon Boat Festival at the Market Common, which is coming up Saturday, April 27.

Teams sign up to compete and raise money for the teen ministry, but that money doesn't go directly to the building fund.  It's used for operational costs that help pay for Ground Zero's campus ministry, Christian concerts and other organized events.

Work on the building is expected to be complete by Fall 2013, but they still need roughly $500,000 to pay it off.

To get involved or help out with the new building, click here.

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