Shocked Coastal Carolina athletes respond to news of losing Men’s Track Program

Shocked Coastal Carolina athletes respond to news of losing Men's Track Program (Image 1)

The news that Coastal Carolina University's Athletic Department would cut the Men's Track and Field and Men's Cross Country teams after the 2013-2014 season shocked the university.

“You kind of feel cheated you kind of feel betrayed by the athletic department,” Kyle Kling said.

Kling just completed his last season as a cross country runner at Coastal Carolina.

“There's got to be a better solution than just cutting one program and making forty individuals be forced to make life altering decisions,” Kling said.

He said college athletes always know there's a chance their season could end, but they never expect to have it stripped away like this.

“You can have it taken way for not performing well, anything of that nature. When you get into aspect that aren't within your control, how do you react to something like that? It's just kind of mind blowing,” Kling explained.

Current track athletes said Thursday's news was devastating.

“It just kind of took all of us by surprise. We weren't ready for any of this. We were built on this positivity, that we're going somewhere and moving forward, we're getting a lot more notice. It's demeaning to our achievements almost; it takes away what we've accomplished,” Russell Kanner said.

Kanner, a junior, said the lack of answers that would help them understand why makes it harder.

“We've been giving the job of running and representing our university to the fullest degree, so from our standpoint it's always going to be confusing as to why the budget cut ends on our demise,” Kanner said.

Coastal Carolina Athletic Director Hunter Yurachek said the decision was based on logistics.

“We're not going cut a women's sport. When you look at the roster of our men's sports, track and field got us within the budget of what we needed to cut, and the roster size got us in compliance of what we needed with Title IX.

Athletes remain hopeful that something will change, but Yurachek said the decision is final.

News13 asked Yurachek if there was an opportunity to save the program, and he responded “No, there is not.”

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