Hartsville residents use a smart phone app to report problems

Hartsville residents use a smart phone app to report problems (Image 1)

HARTSVILLE, S.C.—Timothy Mcray lives across the street from a drainage ditch on Manning Avenue in Hartsville; and he said because it's overgrown with weeds and shrubbery, it's cause of many problems, especially when it rains and the ditch floods.

“During the rain, a lot of floods come through and flood out really bad,” said Mcray.

But thanks to smart phone app called “SeeClickFix”, the city has taken note of the ditch, and will have the ditch cleared within the next day or two.  The app allows Hartsville residents to report problems like potholes, graffiti, and debris to city officials so they can address them.

“Instead of the yard debris truck driving down every truck, where there might not be issues, now they'll go from spot to spot to spot, saving time, gas, wear and tear on the vehicles,” said Mayor Mel Pennington.  “So that we can allocate them towards opportunities that need to be addressed immediately.”

Now using the app is really pretty easy; once you download it, all you have to do is hit ‘Report', then just put in the location and description of the problem; you can even take a picture of it so officials know exactly where it's at.

“And it geo locates where you're standing, so that now, you can go on and see where the problem is occurring,” said Mayor Pennington.

And Mayor Pennington said the biggest advantage of the app is the efficiency it creates in the city.

“Which means that we don't have to raise taxes, which is a wonderful thing for the people living in this town, to have the same world class services without added costs.”

Although the city has been using “SeeClickFix” since October, many of the residents I spoke with had never heard of it; but after hearing about it now, they plan on using it to their advantage.

“Oh yes, oh yes, most definitely, if I see anything- a lot of water, a lot of trash, I'm using it,” said Mcray.

The “SeeClickFix” app is free to download to your smart phone.  If you don't have a smart phone, you can go to http://seeclickfix.com/hartsville.

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