Terminally ill man cruises Georgetown in car of his dreams

Terminally ill man cruises Georgetown in car of his dreams (Image 1)

Joe Garrett said he isn't afraid of dying. In June of last year, he was diagnosed with stage IV liver and esophageal cancer, and given 6 to 8 months to live. 

When he got the news, Joe and his wife Sandra lived in Ohio. They decided to pack up, and head for their favorite spot: Georgetown, South Carolina.

Sandra said at first, she was scared, mostly of losing the man she'd spent 53 years with. But Joe was courageous, and she said she quickly decided how to handle the news.

“I made up my mind, that I would do everything I could, to make it a good day, every day,” Sandra said with tears in her eyes.

On Tuesday, she had a plan set up that would do just that.

All his life, Joe loved Corvettes. He always wanted to own one, when the couple moved to Georgetown they even considered buying one they saw for sale.

In the end, Joe said he decided it wasn't worth it, for a 74-year-old man with terminal cancer, to buy his dream car.

So Sandra contacted the Myrtle Beach Corvette Club, to give her husband at least a small piece of his dream: a joy ride through the streets of Georgetown, in a sleek Corvette.

When leaders of the Corvette Club found out about her request, they jumped at the chance to help. But rather than bring one car to drive Joe around, the club surprised Joe and Sandra, and brought ten cars for him to choose from.

“She told me we were going to Myrtle Beach, or somewhere going shopping. I said 'I don't care as long as I get out of the house I enjoy it,” Joe described.

But what happened next he enjoyed more than any trip to the mall.

Joe sat patiently, waiting in his chair, while he wife was outside. When Sandra swung the door open and yelled “Surprise!” a crowd of corvettes owners followed her in to great their unexpecting guest.

“I couldn't figure out what was going on to tell you the truth,” Joe said.

He said he was shocked to hear what his wife had done, and was thrilled to go outside and see the line of cars.

“Now, I gotta choose?” Joe asked as he admired each car.

But it didn't take him long to make his pick, and pretty soon he was a passenger of the car he'd always wanted.

“Beautiful, it's a beautiful feeling you know? When he tramps on it, and you go way back in your seat, and you can't get away from the seat until he lets off the gas,” Joe laughed.

Joe has outlived his diagnosis, and said he does not worry about what's next.

“Every day I get past that, I'm happy as a log. I've lived a good life,” Joe said.

And thanks to his wife, and the Myrtle Beach Corvette Club, the 74-year-old man with terminal cancer, got to check one more wish off his bucket list.

“Just like you, it's all amazing,” Sandra told her husband.

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