SC man was killed because he was a sex offender, suspect tells deputies

SC man was killed because he was a sex offender, suspect tells deputies (Image 1)

Investigators in Union County say one of the suspects in a double murder says he killed the male victim because the victim was a sex offender, and he planned to kill another sex offender on Wednesday.

Sheriff David Taylor announced at a news conference Wednesday that Jeremy and Christine Moody, ages 30 and 36, have both been charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of Charles and Gretchen Parker, ages 59 and 51.

The Parkers were found dead at their home on Furman Fendley Highway Monday with gunshot and stab wounds.

It's unclear why the female victim was killed, but it's possible the perpetrators did not want to leave a witness.

The suspects were caught on camera, according to Taylor and later taken into custody.

Taylor says Jeremy Moody admitted to killing Charles Parker because he was a registered sex offender. He told investigators that he planned to commit the crime last year, but got cold feet.

“Things like this don't happen often in Union County,” Taylor explained at a news conference Tuesday afternoon. “If we find dead bodies and we don't know how it happened, then it's a threat to the community.” Watch the entire news conference here.

According to Taylor, a neighbor walked by the home a couple of times during the day and noticed the front door was open. Out of concern, the neighbor called 911.

Deputies tried to get to the bodies, but were unable to because of a large number of overprotective dogs. Animal Control officers were dispatched to the scene to help assist deputies.

Sheriff Taylor announced that both victims died of gunshot and stab wounds at the news conference. Authorities believe they may have died sometime Sunday, but the case remains under investigation.

The pair was found on couches inside the home. Officials say there doesn't appear to be a struggle.

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