‘Thigh gap’ a disturbing trend among teen girls


ATLANTA — Something called a “thigh gap” is catching the attention of parents and medical professionals.

The thigh gap, as it is called, is being glorified by girls through social media, pictures of thighs so thin they don't touch when their feet are together.

Very few women have the bone structure for it. Some call the trend “unrealistic” and even “dangerous.” Now, some fear it's fueling a dangerous goal for teens.

There are even social media accounts dedicated to posting thigh gap pictures.


  • Adolescent girls and young adult woman are going to extremes with diet and exercise to achieve the “thigh gap” look.
  • Psychologists worry it can lead to an eating disorder.
  • Photos of thigh gaps can be found on all sorts of social media sites including Tumblr, a site that many parents might not be on.
  • There are also pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Health officials say parents should talk to their daughters about it.

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