Clemson, USC want SC island grill to change menu item names

Clemson, USC want SC island grill to change menu item names (Image 1)

It was a Tweet by an ESPN analyst who visited the Daniel Island Grille last week he enjoyed the food and mentioned some menu item names.

 The tweet took off and now Clemson University and the University of South Carolina want changes to Daniel Island Grille's menu.

If they are well known in the sports world they may be mentioned on the menu. The menu includes the names of some of the mega stars in sport.

You can try the “Williams Sister's Spinach Dip”, “Tiger Woods Iceberg Wedge” or some “Tom Brady's Onion Tanglers”.  The dust-up is right now is due to the “Tajh Boyd Chicken Quesadillas” and “Clowney's Turkey Avocado Wrap.”

Bryan Mahoney co-owner of DIG says the calls and letters from the schools came a couple days after the tweet.

“I get a call from the Athletic Director from Clemson University and he's talking to my business partner about, you know, can you show me your menu, do you have these names on your menu? We would like you to please remove them and he was very aggressive in asking us to remove the names.”

Mahoney said at one point the AD ask him to remove the names while they were on the phone together and that he would call again the following day to make sure the names were removed. It was carried a bit further with a cease-and-desist letter from Clemson.

Then on Sunday Mahoney received a letter from the University of South Carolina.  “The tone of their letter was we are sending you this letter because we have to…It erred more on the lines of we got bigger fish to fry.”

Mahoney says for now he plans on keeping the menu intact but he has a plan-B if things get a little more heated. He says he is just having some fun with the menu at the sports themed restaurant and bar.

“I don't believe I have sold one turkey avocado wrap because his [Clowney] name is on it.”

On Monday afternoon a Clemson spokesperson returned a call saying that if the restaurant doesn't comply, the school will have to take legal action through the courts. (The full response is below).

As of Monday evening there has been no response from USC after a message was left with the Athletic Department.

While the story has sparked some national interest there has also been no public comment from the coaching staff at either school about the player names, although DIG's menu does offer “Spurrier Chicken Salad” or “Dabo's She Crab” soup.

Response from Clemson University

The compliance office works with the University's Office of General Counsel to send a cease-and-desist letter first.  This allows people who may be unfamiliar with NCAA rules to correct their conduct quickly and without having to deal with formal legal action.  When people have been given that chance and have refused to comply with the NCAA rules, then our Office of General Counsel will consider the facts and take appropriate action through the court system. The specific action is determined by our attorneys.

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