Duck Dynasty star surprises couple at wedding

Duck Dynasty star surprises couple at wedding (Image 1)

From CNN

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, PA — It was her dream to walk down the aisle…to duck calls surrounded by friends, family, and a couple hundred strangers.

Meghan Cook, 26, married Charlie Miller right in the middle of a new Field and Stream store.

The bride wore a camo sash and the groom wore his boots. They were married under an arbor of wild animals… but the couple wasn't prepared for what would happen after the I-Do's.

“Duck Dynasty's” Willie Robertson slipped in behind the bride and groom and surprised his superfans with a congratulations…

“It was like Christmas morning when you were a little kid. I was like, 'ohhhh my goodness,'” says Charlie and Meghan.

“That's a first for me and it's good to be apart of that. They look like my kind of folks,” says Robertson.

Willie was at the store opening to sign autographs.

“I was going to cancel the wedding because we heard Willie was coming!” Meghan says.

It was the bride's mom's idea… to have the wedding at the store.

“Ever since I was a little kid, that's all we did, was hunt and fish so, I didn't want to be in no church in a tuxedo. I wanted to feel comfortable and just have fun!” Charlie says.

The folks at Field and Stream played along, and convinced Willie to surprise the couple and their families….a dream for Mehgan, who never thought she'd get married after a crash killed an earlier fiance.

In October of 2009, her fiance, Louis Young, was killed in a car crash the week before their wedding. Two years later to the day, Mehgan met Charlie at a memorial for Young.

“We've been together ever since. So my life ended at the accident site and it started there again,” Meghan says.

And as the happy couple starts their life together, Willie has some advice, “Just love each other and forgive each other.”

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