New technology aims to reduce problems on Horry County buses

New technology aims to reduce problems on Horry County buses (Image 1)

Every school day, Jim Wright works on ways to improve Horry County Schools' transportation system.

Wright is the Director of Transportation, and this year, he's trying something new.

Wright said the idea came when he talked to his son about what it's like to ride a school bus, and what would make it better.

The pair started comparing school bus rides, to bus tours in places like Disneyworld.

Wright contacted the Florida based company, and had them create an audio system that would be played on ten of his buses in Horry County as a pilot test.

The buses he chose had the highest number of write-ups last year, and Wright hopes that number will decrease.

The system is operated through GPS signals that play different messages at different points on the route.

When drivers get on or exit the bus, they are instructed of the safety regulations they already follow on a daily basis.

Throughout the route, students get different safety reminders, such as remain seated with your belongings.

Wright said that having an automated system make the announcements takes some of the stress off drivers as they try to pay attention to the roads and give bus riders directions.

When the system is not playing an automated message, Wright said a “soothing” music will play throughout the ride.

Horry County buses are the first to test out this new system, as it has never been used on school buses before.

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