New technology welcomes Pee Dee students on first day of school

New technology welcomes Pee Dee students on first day of school (Image 1)

Students in the Pee Dee headed back to school Monday morning and for one Florence school it was the first day in a new building.

Over the summer John W. Moore Middle moved from it's decades old building to a new location off Hoffmeyer road. The school has quite a few additions including new staff and a new building but Principal Carol Schweitz is really excited about her new goal of incorporating technology into learning.

“So that the students will be actively engaged and hopefully to improve student achievement,” said Schweitz.

That involves a new model of Smartboard that allows up to four students to draw on it at once. Like previous Smartboards it syncs to a teacher's computer and works similar to an editable projector. Moore is one of two schools in the district with the technology.

Teachers are also equipped with laptops, iPads and a new smart document camera that syncs to the Smartboards. The camera allows teachers to manipulate objects on the smartboard by moving a small cube under the camera.

It hasn't been a perfect transition, though, with only a few days between move-in and the first day of school teachers had to rush to learn how to use some of the new tools, but Schweitz is confident within the first few weeks of school things will smooth out.

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