Shark spotted in surf at SC island

Shark spotted in surf at SC island (Image 1)

Another shark was spotted in shallow water at Sullivan's Island on Tuesday.

WCBD-TV viewer Cody Riner says the shark was about 3-feet long, and was spotted about 5-feet from the shore.

A month ago, a man stumbled across a shark on the beach of Sullivan's Island early in the morning.

The shark was about 5 feet long and was not in the water. The shark was dead.

The photos of the beached shark are from Tyler Jones, but they were taken by his roommate, who came across the shark while running on the beach early the morning of July 17.

Earlier in July, fishermen said they saw more sharks near Sullivan's Island and Isle of Palms this summer than ever before.

“Sometimes you can see as many as 20 to 30 behind us,” Captain Tommy Edwards said.

According to local marine biologists it is not clear if these observations are related to climate change and the migrating patterns of the sharks and their prey, changes in fresh water flow or an increase in shark population.

The Department of Natural Resources is also surveying the number of sharks infiltrating the waterways.

“They're closer than you think,” Edwards stated, and they're taking a bite out of revenue.

“Other ports like in McClellanville they stopped going out because of sharks,” fisherman D.J. Jenkins said. “Yeah the way fuel costs and then you got a bag coming up missing, bag cut in half, there's no sense going out.”

It costs a boat like Mrs. Judy Too $400 a day to fuel and repairing a net plus the shrimp lost in one catch could put them in the hole twice that.

“Sharks benefit and we lose,” Edwards said. “Still costing me the same amount to come out here if I go home with shrimp or not.”

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