Female cab driver attacked minutes after 54th birthday in Myrtle Beach

Female cab driver attacked minutes after 54th birthday in Myrtle Beach (Image 1)

A 54-year-old woman was attacked early Tuesday night after she dropped off a customer in Myrtle Beach an hour after her birthday.

Karen Dean says she picked up a customer on Carver St. around 12a.m. Tuesday morning.

Dean says the customer did not have cash but used his cell phone as collateral.

Dean says that after a few location changes she dropped the customer off at 1103 Ragin St. at 1am. That is when dean says she was attacked.

“He turned my cab off and grabbed the key. Jumped out of the cab and came around to my driver's side popped the lock and starting hitting me”, said Dean

Dean's left eye and cheek were bruised from the attack and she has scrapes and cuts on her neck. However Dean says she was not the only one who left bruised.

“I started wailing on him, I'm not going to take that from anybody. I gave him a good whack. I hit him good in the face I'm sure he is marked”, she said.

Dean also had the wherewithal to leave her radio on in her cab.

“Everything was being displayed over the radio so that dispatch knew to give her help right away”, said Joshua Rauzi the General Manager of Diamond Cab, where Dean works.

Rauzi says that twice every year employees have safety meetings on what to look out for, but he says in the end, it comes down to the basics.

“If it doesn't feel right it more than likely isn't and we try to teach that to the drivers”, said Rauzi.

Rauzi says that in the past, it has taken people awhile to come back from an event like this.

For Dean, that is not the case.

“I will be back to work on Thursday night. I'm not going to let any low life scum keep me from the job I love”, said Dean.

She was actually back to work later Tuesday morning.

Rauzi says another safety precaution is to make sure that drivers do not carry large sums of money on them.

The attacker was only able to get $30 from Dean.

Dean was able to hold on to the attacker's phone and police were also able to recover a cup the he was drinking from earlier in the night.

Currently there are no suspects.


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