Concerns remain after Horry County officials speak to Carolina Forest Residents

Concerns remain after Horry County officials speak to Carolina Forest Residents (Image 1)

Wednesday night Horry County officials spoke to residents of Carolina Forest on Adult Entertainment business coming to the area.

Many residents said they were looking for answers regarding the fact that these new ordinances would bring adult entertainment to their community.

“I know there has been some concern about those meeting the 1500ft spacing requirement but there are a lot of those parcels that meet the 2000ft requirement today”, said Janet Carter, Horry County's Director of Planning.

Carter said if the new ordinances pass, it would open more room in the county for adult entertainment businesses to go, other than Carolina Forest.

She says that currently 80% of all available space for adult entertainment is in Carolina Forest. If the ordinances pass, the percentage would drop to down to fifty.

However adult entertainment business, like Airport Express, have already stated if the ordinances do pass, Carolina Forest is the only viable option for them, because of its highly traversed location.

That has some community members worried.

“I certainly don't want any adult businesses in Carolina Forest and nobody I know that lives here wants them in Carolina Forest either”, said Richard Andrews.

 “It would just be another reason to think about if we want to stay in this area”, said Mary-Margaret Andrews

The Andrews were at the meeting looking for answers and even though they said the meeting was very informative, they still had a lot of questions afterward.

Carter says that she expects the county will go into court litigations with adult entertainment business if these ordinances pass and even though she says she is confident the county can win, Mary-Margaret Andrews is still worried.

“That's something that would go to court and drag on and if there is already a business here, then it could go on for years”, she said.

The debate will be decided on September 3rd, when Horry County Council will have its third and final reading on the two proposed adult entertainment ordinances.

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