Horry County PPP also ‘Prepares, Provides, and Protects’

Horry County PPP also 'Prepares, Provides, and Protects' (Image 1)

There is a Probation, Parole, and Pardon (PPP) office in every South Carolina county.  Throughout the state, agents supervise more than 33,000 offenders.

News13's Lauren Hinnant introduces you to three and how they play into the criminal justice system.

This isn't an office you want to wind up in, but if you do, you would potentially work with PP Senior Agent Desmond Major.

“I kinda got the best of both worlds here.”

He works with offenders in northern and western Horry County if they've been convicted of a crime.

“Most of my offenders range from age 19 to maybe 60 and they range from minor drug offenses, to actually, murder,” Major said.

His colleague, Matt McMillen uses a questionnaire to decide the level of attention the PP office needs to give a criminal.

“To try to give us a better understanding of what we need to do to address their needs and make them a more productive member of society,” he said.

Here, agents fit sex offenders for ankle monitors, suggest what jobs they could fill after completing a sentence, and guide them in a post-prison direction.

“You (have) kind of got to be on your feet and be able to change your schedule a lot in this job,” McMillen laughs.

Once an offender meets with Desmond or Matt, they get their finger prints scanned.  It's 100% digital and goes directly to Columbia.”

“Our case loads are around probably, 175-180 per agent, which is a lot,” explained Agent-In-Charge Scott Herrington.

Herrington oversees the entire Horry County office.  He says PPP not only means Probation, Parole, and Pardon.

“Prepare, provide, and protect.”

For offenders, victims, and the public.

In Horry County, the PPP office supervises nearly 2,000 criminals.

There are 14 agents on staff.

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