Horry County takes steps toward the future of education

Horry County takes steps toward the future of education (Image 1)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC – On Thursday, Horry County students went back to school. With the new school year, educators plan to integrate new technology.

“Technology is no longer a wave of the future it is happening right now all around us and increasing at such a rapid rate” said Karen McIllrath, Horry County School Board member. “If we don't start implementing technology at a greater degree in our schools than we are going to start falling behind.”

This school year, Horry County teachers plan to use advanced technology to challenge students in the classroom. Educators said tools like I-pads will help prepare kids for the high-tech workforce

“We can prepare kids to be competitive globally and they can work for companies around the world” said Bucky Sellers, Pre-engineering instructor at the Academy for Arts Science and Technology.

Sellers said technology based programs like robotics courses have helped to elevate student learning.

“Students get a chance to perform technological applications everyday, beyond working on a computer and operating Microsoft word and excel” Sellers said. “To have a chance to apply technology that they learning through robotics projects and go compete brings learning to another level.”

Sellers said international robotics competitions like the one held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center last year, help showcase what Horry County students learn.

Sellers said over the past decade, the number of Horry County high school robotics teams have jumped from 1 to 10.

On Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013, a robot will throw out the first pitch at the Pelicans game.

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