Myrtle Beach landscaping companies: Rain helps and hurts

Myrtle Beach landscaping companies: Rain helps and hurts (Image 1)

Rain or shine landscaping companies have a job to do, and the weather almost always affects business.

In the past three months, parts of Horry County have seen more than 23 inches of rain. In parts of the Pee Dee, there has been more than 25 inches of rain.

“The rain increases your income because you have a chance to go do ground maintenance more than you usually do in the course of a month,” Curtis Dukes said.

Dukes is the owner of C&D Lawncare and Landscaping, and said he has enjoyed the summer rain.

“It makes the grass grow real fast so you have an opportunity to go back and cut the grass again,” Dukes explained.

Creative Landscapes owner Sharon Turner agreed that the wet weather has it's benefits.

“Plants do great, the grass does great, everything wants to grow and thrive” Turner explained.

But rainy days are not always a plus for landscapers.

“It's terrible for scheduling, you never know how long a project is going to last because of the rain. That affects the bottom line because a project that should take three days may take five days,” Turner said.

She said if it rains enough, projects sometimes must be restart from scratch. Turner said during one of their recent projects, the rain flooded sod that had just been planted, and the sod floated up with the water.

Sharon said it's not just about business when customers are inconvenienced.

“They're pretty understanding, I mean, they get aggravated but its just because they have to live with a mess,” Turner said.

The business owners said no matter what the weather is like, they enjoy their job and will continue to work around the weather.

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