The flu vaccine may prevent more than the flu

NEW YORK CITY, NY – CBS – A study from Vanderbilt University finds antipsychotic medication may triple the risk of type 2 diabetes in children and young adults.The pills are used to help kids with behavioral problems and mood disorders. Researchers say physicians have to weigh the benefits of the drug versus the small overall risk of diabetes. SOURCE – Journal JAMA Psychiatry/MedDay/CBS

Flu shot

British doctors say a flu shot may help prevent a heart attack lowering the risk 45 percent. Scientists aren't sure why but believe the vaccine offers some kind of protection. Previous research also linked the flu shot to lower cardiovascular risk. SOURCE – Journal Heart – British Medical Journal/MedDay/CBS 


Another reason for mothers to breast feed. Swiss researchers say breast milk gives babies the good bacteria they need for a healthy digestive system. The study found these natural probiotics from the mother also help the immune system. SOURCE – Environmental Microbiology/MedDay/CBS

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