Florence country club and golf course gets a major facelift

Florence country club and golf course gets a major facelift (Image 1)

FLORENCE, S.C—When John Jackson, Mickey Moss, and Donald Brown decided to take over ownership of the Oakdale country club and golf course 8 weeks ago they knew they'd have their work cut out for them.  The course was built in the early 60s and when Jackson, Moss, and Brown took over ownership it was outdated and rundown.

“Well it's an old course and club house, so about everything we touched fell apart, so we're having to redo everything from the plumbing to the under grown plumbing, and putting a new roof on [the clubhouse],” said Brown.

And even though they have more work ahead of them, they've already given the course quite the facelift in just a matter of weeks.

“We had to completely redo the greens, we gassed them and sterilized them all, put mini greens in, and tightened up the fairways, and t-boxes, took a lot a lot of pine trees out, opened the course up, fixed irrigation problems and put in a new pump system,” said Brown.

To give you a better idea of how far renovations have already come, more than 20 trees once kept the 9th hole of the course from being seen, but now it's the first thing you see when you pull into the parking lot.

The renovations have already brought in more members, and so far they like what they see.  According to Brown, the parking lot has been packed on the weekends since they started the renovations.

“It's been fantastic, I mean it's amazing, people come up, no matter where I am and tell us how much they like it; they're looking forward to what's happening out here, they're looking forward to what's happening in the future,” said Moss.

And since the course is looking brand new, they're changing the name from the Oakdale Country Club to the Palms Course Country Club at OakDale.

“We just felt like it was an image change that needed to be put into place, and we're putting a lot of palms in, so it was a natural fit for the name and that's what it was all about–the image more than anything else,” said Moss.

Brown said they course is already open; however they will have a grand opening on September 21st.

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