Ice vending machines cause safety concerns for Horry County leaders

Ice vending machines cause safety concerns for Horry County leaders (Image 1)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC – Over the past couple of years, DHEC officials have noticed an increasing number of ice vending machines along the road. DHEC officials said there are more than 180 registered ice vending machines in the state. Horry County leaders want to get a better grip on the machines before they possibly cause safety problems.

“The ice machines are a great amenity to have as an accessory to your business” said Lisa Bourcier, Horry County spokesperson. We just want to make sure they are placed in the proper location along businesses.”

The vending machines come in various models. The larger versions can be found along Hwy 544 near Bojangles and CCU. County leaders said that unlike the larger, grounded machines, the smaller models require electrical and water supply lines which pose potential safety hazard.

“We have noticed that some of these are actually sitting out in the middle of a lot close to the side of a road” said Bourcier. “So there are concerns about egress and safety concerns about making sure the public can park and get to these facilities.”

County planners said they do not want to take the convenience out of the machines but want to make sure the ice vending machines are properly permitted and safe.

County leaders said owners of illegally-placed machines will be issued a warning ticket and may have to move the machine.

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