Coastal Carolina students get the 411 with new program

Coastal Carolina students get the 411 with new program (Image 1)

This fall Coastal Carolina launched a new program to provide information for students, faculty and staff, parents and the community. The program coordinator April Sager says Chant411 is essentially concierge for the University.

Just as it takes a certain kind of person to work in the hospitality industry it also takes a unique student to join the 411 team.

Nothing about Emily Mullins makes her a traditional student.

The mother and Air Force veteran dealt with the struggles of finding family housing near campus and other similar issues when she enrolled at CCU.

When Mullins heard about a way to help others avoid those problems she jumped at the chance.

“Being that I am a non-traditional student I wanted to be able to give a different outlook to other services that are offered to students of all types,” Mullins said.

Chant411 has operated on campus for about four months now and in that time Mullins said she's helped with everything from finding forms online to getting more toilet paper in a campus restroom.

“My favorite thing is definitely knowing that we are helping people,” Mullins added. “That's a huge thing for me.”

That desire to help is what attracted one of the teams newest members, Matt Fox.

“I have a passion,” Fox said. “For my career I want to go into student affairs, so it's just another avenue for that. Making [information] more available for students and making their life easier.”

Sager says Chant411 already logged more than 2,000 inquiries and has expanded across various social networks.

“It's really a one-stop shop for any body to contact us if they have any questions about Coastal at all,” Sager said.

But its not just a stop the 411 workers also travel campus on adult trikes offering information, rain ponchos on wet days, bottled water on hot days, and other services to students.


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