SC deputy arrested and fired after trying to arrest woman at bar

SC deputy arrested and fired after trying to arrest woman at bar (Image 1)

A Richland County deputy charged with assault after putting a woman in handcuffs and manhandling her at a Columbia restaurant has now been fired.

Sheriff Leon Lott decided to terminate 49-year-old Paul Derrick's employment after meeting Tuesday with prosecutors and Columbia's interim police chief.

Columbia Police arrested Derrick last week after a cellphone video captured him in civilian clothes putting the woman in handcuffs and berating her at a bar.

Cell phone video taken by customers at the bar shows the handcuffed woman saying that she has done nothing wrong.

The person who took the video says the off-duty deputy, later identified as Paul Derrick, had been drinking.

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The woman was in the Army in civilian clothes and Derrick was in the Marines and the video shows him insulting her about the his belief that the Marines are superior.

The video also shows the woman screaming and crying. Later in the video the woman is simply unable to stand up.

She also seems to be in pain in the video, which did not capture what initiated the events.

Derrick is retired from the Columbia Fire Department and worked for the sheriff's department for 14 years.

Lott plans to talk more about his decision to fire the deputy on Wednesday.

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