New mayor elected in Latta

New mayor elected in Latta (Image 1)

LATTA, S.C.—As of Tuesday, the town of Latta has new leadership; Earl Bullard ran unopposed and will replace current mayor, Nancy Brigman.

Bullard may not have grown up in Latta, but over the last 34 years, the small town has become home for him.

“I could live anywhere I wanted to, anywhere in the world for that matter, but I chose to live here; I like the quality of life and the people here are genuine,” said Bullard.

And although he said people have been suggesting he run for mayor for the last several years, he said had he been told at the beginning of this year that he'd be the town's new mayor within the year, he would have never believed them.

“It was the furthest thing from my mind, I assure you, never had it dawned on me,” he said.  “I'd been asked for years, and I always turned it down, but this year, the persuasion was more than I could overcome.”

And as the new mayor, he said he hopes to make some pretty significant changes for the town of Latta.

“Our biggest problems we have are our water and sewer systems and we certainly want to make a difference there as soon as possible,” he said.

Although he's excited to be back in politics, and take on this new leadership role, he said he's most excited to work with the people of the town that he calls home.

“I look forward to working with the council, but I especially look forward to working with the citizens, because the citizens are what make this town what it is,” said Bullard. “It's what makes all small communities in our state and our wonderful country as great s they are.”

Bullard will be sworn in at the end of December and will officially take office on January 1st.

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