5 busted in NC ‘knockout game’ attack spree

5 busted in NC 'knockout game' attack spree (Image 1)

From CNN

AHOSKIE, NC — A disturbing national trend has found its way into Eastern North Carolina.

Hertford County Sheriff Juan Vaughan said there were four victims in one night from the “knockout game.”

The “game” is typically characterized by a group of young people targeting a lone victim — and catching that person by surprise.

The idea is to get close and knock out the unsuspecting victim with one punch.

There have been reports of this kind of attack all over the country — two of which caused death to the victims.

Many youths who play the “game” post video on YouTube and other websites of their victims falling to the ground.

“We are very concerned, because it is innocent citizens in the county that are getting hurt for no reason whatsoever,” Vaughn said of the attacks which happened at night 2 days before Thanksgiving.

Deputies say they have made five arrests in the Hertford County attacks, two of which took  place at two laundromats in Ahoskie, according to the Roanoke-Chowan News Herald.

One victim said he was at a car wash on Memorial Drive in Ahoskie when he was hit in the throat and head by two men, WAVY-TV reported.

Those arrested include 22-year-old William White, 24-year-old Dominique Parker and 26-year-old Antown Valentine.

All have been charged with assault.

Fortunately, the Hertford victims will all be OK.

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