Horry County Council to consider commercial filming regulations

Horry County Council to consider commercial filming regulations (Image 1)

The Horry County Public Safety Committee will consider an ordinance that would regulate commercial filming within the county.

This comes after several reality shows have featured parts of the Grand Strand, and in the latest incident, caused some controversy in neighboring Georgetown County.

The ordinance specifies how production companies would go about obtaining permits to film in the county.  They would be required to submit the permit request 45 days in advance, then it would be up to the County Administrator to approve or deny it.

It goes on to cover rules about locations, noise limitations, special effects and explosives.  Under the ordinance, filming activity could only take place during the hours of 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The rules also clarify the insurance and cleanup process, among other things.

The committee deferred the ordinance to the county's Infrastructure and Regulation Committee, which meets again in January.  Council members want to take time to consider all the options, and hear concerns from community members, to make sure the new ordinance best serves everyone.

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