Residents hope for winning $425 million lottery ticket

Residents hope for winning $425 million lottery ticket (Image 1)

Friday was the drawing for the $425 million dollar Mega Million jackpot.

In the Grand Strand, people were rushing out to convenient stores to pick up their tickets.

Odds of winning the big jackpot were 1 and 260 million according to the Mega Million website and another deterrent was the fact that South Carolina has never had a jackpot winner.

But that did not stop people like Christine Costolo from playing, if only she could find where she put her ticket.

“Ok now I have to found out what I did with it,” Costolo said as she dug through her purse.

Costolo is new to the lottery game, she says this is only her second time playing, but she says all it takes is once.

“It only takes one to win and I have the winning ticket,” she said.

Chuck Kinney was also trying his luck, but he knows a thing or two about the game, he says in the past he has won up to $2,600 playing the lottery, but says things are a little harder since the rule changes for the Mega Millions in October.

“It's definitely made it tougher since they changed the format a month or so ago; 58 numbers to 74 numbers,” said Kinney.

But that was not enough to stop people from taking a chance at the big jackpot.

“Over 100, 150, since 3 o'clock anyway,” said Turtle Market employee, Todd Sherow. “We been swamped for Mega Millions,” he added.

Sherow says he came into work at around three and in the short amount of time he was there, the jackpot jumped by $25 million.

And Sherow says it is not just the lottery that was doing well.

“Always brings in more business; they come in for dinner they'll come in and get a couple tickets as well,” said Sherow.

Costolo says she does not have a lucky number and it is Friday the 13th, but even so she still thinks she has a winner.

“If I don't show up for work on Monday you'll know why,” said Costolo.

Friday night's winning numbers were: 19, 24, 26, 27, 70 and the megaplier was 12.

The payout for the jackpot is listed at $228 million.

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