Community gets involved with Heather Elvis search efforts

Community gets involved with Heather Elvis search efforts (Image 1)

Search crews were out in the 30 degree weather Friday looking for anything related to the disappearance of 20-year-old Heather Elvis.

CUE Center officials told News 13 that multiple police units were involved in the search, some had even come as far as Missouri and Florida.

There were 5 K-9 units on the scene as well as people combing the area on horseback and ATVs.

In total, officials say there were about 100 people searching Friday morning.

Angela Miles was one of them.

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Miles had been out since 10 am in the cold, looking for anything that seemed suspect.

Miles says the disappearance of Elvis hits close to home.

She is the mother of two girls and decided to come out on her only day off to help.

“Olivia goes out with her friends sometimes, and weren't to come home, or Hayley, that would be the most terrifying thing for me and I would want the support,” said Miles.

Miles was not alone in her search.

Her daughter, Olivia, was also by her side.

Olivia Miles says she feels the same way as her mom.

“If it was one of my friends, I would want a lot of people to help out and look for them,” she said.

Olivia Miles says the thought of losing one of her friends or even her older sister was something she could not imagine.

She said she would leave no stone unturned in her search.

“Nothing's insignificant and if you do find something not to touch it,” said Olivia Miles.

Search parties would mark any areas that seemed suspect.

Officials say they were looking in a 200 acre section on Friday for things that could be the size of a coin.

They also have 7 sections of similar size they still plan to search.

Monica Caison, Founder of the CUE Center, says she was surprised by the turn out on Friday, but more help will be needed this weekend.

If you are interested in helping, search teams will be out again Saturday off of Tidewater Rd. in Myrtle beach.

You can sign up on location or go to this website:



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