Horry County considering allowing food trucks

Horry County considering allowing food trucks (Image 1)

A little bit of the big city could come to Horry County in the form of new places to eat. County officials are looking into expanding a food cart ordinance to include food trucks.

At the December council meeting someone brought up the idea of allowing food trucks in Horry County and that got the wheels turning.

“The first thing we wanted to do was establish whether or not there was interest,” said Carol Coleman, the Deputy Director of Planning and Zoning. “We had one person come in and it's not like we weren't listening to him, but we wanted to find out what other people in the county thought.”

So Coleman and her department put together a survey and cards to send out to all registered restaurants in the county and chambers of commerce in nearby areas.

“In general the response was the response was tremendous, the majority of them seemed to be pro-food truck because it seems to be something that's happening a lot around the country.”

In the past food trucks have only been allowed at festivals, construction sites or when tied to catering services, but if the county writes the new ordinance it would make way for full restaurants on wheels.

Coleman doesn't want a rivalry between any trucks that might come and the brick and mortar restaurants already here.

“We wanted to make sure that they were working with us and didn't feel like they were being singled out to have to be in competition with something like this,” said Coleman.

She said any ordinance would have stipulations on parking too close to restaurants.

Coleman said any regulation would only apply to unincorporated Horry County, individual towns and cities would have to make their own rules.

If you want to voice your opinion you can take the survey here.

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