NC dog treat business vying for 30 second spot during Super Bowl

NC dog treat business vying for 30 second spot during Super Bowl (Image 1)

A North Carolina man's idea for dog treats has earned him a chance to market his company on the big stage during the biggest football game of the year – the Super Bowl.

Barley Labs consists of Theresa Chu, Scott Beaudray, and of course Barley. Barley has the best job – taste-testing the all-natural dog treats which was inspired by the couple's dog of dogs and beer.

Beaudray is a home-based beer brewer and his girlfriend had one of those eureka moments in 2012.

Instead of tossing out the spent barley grains from brewing, she decided to give it to the dog.  When you mix the whole wheat flower with eggs, and then flavor it with pumpkin puree or peanut butter, you have a tasty all-natural treat.

Barley Labs is among four finalists that could win a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl. The contest is thanks to an accounting software provider, called Intuit. The contest drew some 15,000 entrants.

The couple wants to build their own facility in Durham eventually, which may happen sooner than later depending on the response from the coverage they've received.   

This year when the Broncos take on the Seahawks, you just might see a spot for Barley Labs. 

CLICK HERE to see the other finalists.

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