Heather Elvis family reaches out to those ‘keeping the silence’ about disappearance

Heather Elvis family reaches out to those 'keeping the silence' about disappearance (Image 1)

The family of a missing Myrtle Beach woman is urging those who have information about her disappearance to come forward, saying there is “no escape” from the situation.

 Heather Elvis, age 20, was last seen on Dec. 18. Her family has a Facebook page that is updated frequently with information about searches and reward amounts.

 The Facebook page is also a place where the family has posted heartfelt messages to and about Heather.

The latest post on Monday speaks out to “those who are keeping the silence” about Heather's disappearance. Heather's father, Terry Elvis, recently added $5000 more to the reward pleading “if you know something the time to step up is now.”

 Horry County Police told WBTW on Friday that there was no official suspect in the case.

 But, the recent post on Facebook addresses someone using a “disguise” to hide in plain sight.

 “Your payment is due, the collector is at the door, there is no escape, so now what will you do, what will you say, what excuse will you provide that you know will be exposed?” the post from the family said.

Here is the complete post from Facebook:

“To those who are keeping the silence…
Do you feel it? Can you feel the guilt? Do you look out of your windows day and night and feel it coming for you? You are right to be afraid, you are correct in feeling like something is creeping in on you and getting closer by the hour. Your feel the blood pulsing in your veins as if it were going to explode any moment? These feeling are well warranted, your days draw short as the trail grows hotter, it leads to only one place, it ends at your door, can you feel the eyes that are watching you? Can you hear the people around you whispering about your guilt? Does every knock at your door frighten you and your family? When the phone rings do you hesitate before you pick up or wait to hear a voice before you speak? Life like this must be a horrible way to exist, the sweat pouring down your back and dripping from your brow, your own family knows you are guilty and though you think they are family and must protect you, you wonder how long they will accept your guilt as being excusable.. You run thru your mind a thousand excuses that make what you did and are doing ok, but you know that its not ok.
You hear a bump in the night only to think you have been broken into by the police and they are coming for you, a trip to the store is pure terror for you because you are hiding in plain sight but who knows the truth, is it the one beside you in line? Will you make it back home thru the mob of people looking thru your disguise? Your guilt weighs you down like the anchor of a ship, it binds you to the bottom unable to move, you know that you are on borrowed time yet you think it is endless if you remain silent. You know you are caught but the waiting is killing you, when will they come for me you ask yourself over and over again, when will it be?
The trail is short now, the dogs are on your scent, your time walking free is so very very short, you can see it as if it were on hour glass and the sand it almost gone.
For the pain you have heaped on our family, your payment is due, the collector is at the door, there is no escape, so now what will you do, what will you say, what excuse will you provide that you know will be exposed?
Yes, our pain is real, it is constant, but your pain is real also, yours will soon get worse by the hour, yes, that noise you hear outside, it is the one you fear, it draws closer, it demands your attention, it requires your payment for deeds you have done, there is no escape, reap now what thou has sown, your season for harvest is due and your sand is almost gone from the glass.”


All tips and information should be called to 911 or to 843-457-5747, the 843-457-5747 can be called without leaving your name if need be.

All tips or information that needs to be sent by email can be sent to:
findheatherelvis@gmail.com ( direct to the family ) or to: crimetips@horrycounty.org

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