StarTek job fair draws huge crowd

StarTek job fair draws huge crowd (Image 1)

On Thursday, StarTek Inc. held a job fair in Conway after two days of rescheduling due to the inclement weather.

StarTek Inc. is the call center locating to the Carolina Forest area that has promised 665 jobs.

Thirty minutes before doors opened at SC Works in Conway, where the job fair was held, dozens of people lined the sidewalk.

Crystal Smiley was one of the.

“Hopefully I can get a position with them,” she said.

Smiley and her daughter, Caroline, arrived at the job fair 15 minutes early but still were in the back of the line.

Smiley says she is all too familiar with applying to a job with this many candidates.

“If they're interviewing a hundred people and you're one of the first ones you might as well count it goodbye because they are not going to remember you,” she said.

Smiley says the last year without a job has been rough.

“I got my resume set up on Career Builder and Monster, SC Works. Everyday I'm going through it, I mean I put out at least 20 resumes a day,” she said.

Even though Smiley says she would be a strong candidate with years of call center experience, she also says she is not taking any chances and has applied for every position available with StarTek.

She says at this point, she would take any job.

“They think because of my experience I'm not going to take a job for $7 an hour, right now I would,” she said.

Smiley says she has tried everything you can think of and is even going back to school.

However, there is one thing she says she will never consider.

“As far as moving, no I wouldn't this is Home”

If you are interested in applying for StarTek but missed Thursday's opportunity, managers with StarTek say they will have more job fairs in the future and you can stay connected with updates from the company on their Facebook page.

You can also apply here:

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