Men claim they have missing Myrtle Beach woman; father files report

Men claim they have missing Myrtle Beach woman; father files report (Image 1)

Myrtle Beach Police were called to Howard Avenue earlier this week in reference to a harassment and threats case. 

On Tuesday, at approximately 1:20 p.m., a vehicle was seen in the rear parking area of the 2800 block of Howard Avenue in The Market Common.

The passenger of the vehicle reportedly made a verbal threat to the victim, Terry Elvis, whose daughter, Heather, age 20, has been missing since mid-December. There has been no trace of her since her car was found abandoned at Peachtree Landing.

Elvis told police there were two white males in the vehicle. The passenger of the vehicle yelled out to the victim, “We already have Heather, (Elvis' other daugher) is next.”

Elvis said the driver and passenger sped off south towards Johnson Avenue and then east towards Farrow Parkway.

Police are now looking for the vehicle which they believe is a mid-2000 model Jeep Wrangler, dark black in color (not shiny), with blacked out rims. The vehicle is lifted with a black rag top. The police report indicates the vehicle does have a tubular rear bumper.

Elvis attempted to locate the vehicle however he could not. He told police he didn't think the vehicle had any type of vehicle registration.

Patrol units were advised of the incident and the vehicle description. A search of the area for video footage was completed with negative results. Little Shop of Flowers advised they had footage but were limited on the area it covered. 

Elvis owns a sign shop in The Market Common where this incident took place.


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