“Favorited” tweet gets Hartsville High school student suspended, she says

"Favorited" tweet gets Hartsville High school student suspended, she says (Image 1)

Millions of people log onto Twitter and other social media accounts daily.  Sending out status updates and maybe even a Retweet.

However, one click of the “Favorite” button landed Demi Grant, a Senior at Hartsville High School in hot water.  Her mother feels like she's being singled out.

“Five days suspension for favoriting a tweet? Wasn't her words, it was no name in the tweet.  She was bullying according to the school district, but I don't know who she bullied,” said Stephanie Grant, Demi's mother.

The twitter page “HS Confession SC” attracts students from across the state.

Whether the tweets are true or false, it provides details of what could happen away from the classroom at South Carolina's high schools.

“I favorited all of them because I just thought they were funny.  I didn't favorited because they were true.  I just favorited them because I thought they were funny,” explained Demi.

Demi says she was called into the library with 30 other students last week for interacting on the page.

She also states that she was the only person in that group suspended, but Darlington county spokesperson Audrey Childers says “dozens were disciplined.”

“It made me feel like they were just picking me out of everybody.  Whenever we were called in there the principal looked at all of us and he said that we made him sick,” mentioned Demi.

Stephanie Grant is upset the school made the decision.

“I am thoroughly disappointed with Hartsville High School and administration.  And the way they are handling this situation,” said her mother.

Still, mother and daughter say they've learned their lesson.

“If I see something like that, just leave alone because in the long run it could come back and get involved with the school and then this will happen again.  It's just not worth it,” said Demi.

“There's nothing really your children can do at school or outside of school that the district cant punish them for,” stated Stephanie.

Demi and her mother tried to appeal the suspension.

She thinks the time away from school will eventually hurt her in the classroom. 

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