Dealing with winter weather in Myrtle Beach

Dealing with winter weather in Myrtle Beach (Image 1)

Wednesday's ice storm created picturesque scenery throughout Horry County, but for people who had to be outside it caused issues.

“Still have work.  Yup,” said Francesca Isabella.

Isabella was running late for work because her car had completely iced over and they only thing she had to scrape it off was a spatula.

“I'm not making eggs. I'm scraping off my car,” she said. “It's working really well. It's not scratching up my car,” Isabella added.

Isabella is originally from Massachusetts and says she is used to dealing with these conditions.

She moved to the area three years ago and is here for the long haul, but for snowbirds, they may only be down a few months and this weather can really affect their stay.

“We come down here to get away from the cold and the snow shoveling and the ice and enjoy a little warmer weather,” said Denny Wilson.

Wilson is from New York and says he and his friends usually go golfing while they are down.

Instead on Wednesday, he, his family, and friends were getting together to do what they say is the next best thing to golfing; eating.

They met in their friend Dan O'Brien's condo for a late breakfast.

O'Brien is another New York resident who visits the area every year.

He says when you start to feel bad about the weather; all you have to do is call a friend from home.

 “They tell you that it's below zero, and they can't go out, and they have a foot of snow,” said O'Brien. “Rain I don't have to shovel; snow I do, so I'm glad I'm here. A bad day here is better than a good day up north,” he added.

O'Brien says another perk is the cold weather will only stay around for a few days.

He says in New York, you have to deal with it for months.

Reports say temperatures are expected to rise this weekend.

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