Heather Elvis’ family speaks after police arrest two in missing daughter’s case

Heather Elvis' family speaks after police arrest two in missing daughter's case (Image 1)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – News of people being arrested in the Heather Elvis case is what her family has been waiting to hear for months.

Heather's mom, Debbi Elvis,  told News13's Meghan Miller via phone Friday morning that “Right now, they are hoping today's activity could help them find more answers in the Heather's disappearance.”

Debbi said that the stress she is feeling today is comparable to what she felt during the first week of searches. Right now, she says the family does not have a lot of insight on Friday's search by police.

WBTW reached out to Heather's father, Terry Elvis, at this business on Friday morning where he said “it was not prudent to discuss the arrests at this point.” His business later shut down for the day, and a sign taped to the door respectfully declined any media interviews at that point.

Late Friday afternoon, News 13's Meghan Miller spent about an hour of time speaking with Terry and Debbi off-camera. The family has released an official statement to News 13 stating in part, “Thank you to the community and law enforcement for the continued support and tips. It's not over yet and Heather's not home. Don't take your posters down and keep praying. Anyone that's still out there with any information, please call the tips line.”

Some people who have volunteered their time to help search for Heather gathered along Highway 814, where a majority of the police activity is taking place. That area of Horry County is just over 4 miles away from the Elvis residence.

While the watch-and-wait game continues for the Elvis family on Heather's disappearance, Terry tells News 13 he hopes to learn what developments – if any – have come out of Friday's search at the Moorer's home on Highway 814. Both he and his wife hope the large amount of police activity in the area of the Moorer's home will spark additional community interest and lead to new, valuable tips.

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