Hundreds gather at Heather Elvis Vigil in Socastee

Hundreds gather at Heather Elvis Vigil in Socastee (Image 1)

On Monday night, hundreds gathered at a vigil for Heather Elvis at Peachtree Landing in Socastee.

Those in attendance said it was an emotional night for the community.

Family and friends told News 13, up until this point, the events in the case have not seemed real.

“It's just so tough,” said Beth Sansone.

Sansone is the general manager of the restaurant where Heather Elvis worked.

She was joined by Heather Elvis's coworkers, girls that worked alongside her every day for the past year.

Sansone says they were there to not only support the Elvis family, but support each other as well.

Sansone said over the last few months without Heather Elvis, their work family has felt the loss.

“When someone is missing from that dynamic everyone feels it, you just don't smile quite as big, you know and certain moments during the day will remind me you of Heather Elvis,” she said.

Sansone says like the rest of the community, they've waited for any kind of answer.

“We're happy that there is progress but none of us wanted to hear this as a result”

Sansone said she would have preferred any outcome over Monday's announcement of murder charges in the case.

 And now they must find some way to move forward.

“We just hope that the Elvis's can find peace and the girls at work can find peace”

Sansone said Heather Elvis always brought a smile to everyone's face at work.

She said remembering those moments and honoring her legacy is the best way for her, and the friends that Heather Elvis left behind, to find peace.


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