Heather Elvis’ dad writes poem about daughter who police say was murdered

Heather Elvis' dad writes poem about daughter who police say was murdered (Image 1)

Still trying to deal with the news that 2 people were
charged in his still-missing daughter's death, the father of Heather Elvis
posted a poem to her on Facebook Wednesday afternoon.

Terry Elvis and his wife Debbi both spoke to WBTW news on
Tuesday evening. Just a day earlier, they learned from police that an Horry
County couple were charged in the murder of Heather, who has been missing since
Dec. 18.

Debbi and Terry said the power of community and prayer will get them

“It's hard to feel like you're doing your job as a father,” Terry
explained to News13. “You can't help but feel like you failed. I face that
every morning. This is the time that I know my daughter needs me the most.”

On Wednesday, Terry tried to put his feelings into words as his
family grapples with the loss of Heather – and the reality that she is still
not found.

 Here is the poem that Terry Elvis posted on Facebook:

can throw your rocks and hide your hand
You can work in the darkness against your fellow man
We all know God made both black and white He promises
“What's done in the dark will be brought into the
Men do evil from the beginning of time
Life is cruel even when we put it to rhyme
Smiles are faked by those who deceive us day by day
God allows them to have their way
The price of sin has long been told
Cast your rocks as the price unfolds
Seek His face to escape His wrath
For to walk with God you must walk His path.
I have seen the darkness as it drew me near
I have danced with evil as it stoked my fear
The road to redemption is clearly seen
Check your hands and heart, make sure they are
God accepts us for who we are
He knows the mark we all miss by so far
There is room for all in the Kingdom He built
Confess your sins and shed your guilt
Time is fleeting, it screams by without a care
Cling to grace and his mercy, it is always there
Lord protect and comfort us as these days progress
Shine your guiding light that we might not digress
Let multitudes of angel wings comfort our child
Hear our wishes and prayers and words spoken mild
Lord bring Heather home I beg once more
Grant us the peace we all cry for.

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