Sexting scandal has police involved in MA

Sexting scandal has police involved in MA (Image 1)

A sexting scandal has erupted in Walpole, Massachusetts involving several students at the high school. The police and the school have opened investigations.

Walpole Schools Superintendent Lincoln D. Lynch III confirmed there have been several alleged cases of inappropriate texting among students.

Students tell WBZ-TV that a group of about 15 girls sent naked photos of themselves to boys and those pictures were widely shared.

The incidents have drawn a mix of anger and embarrassment.

“Every school does it. We just happen to be the one school that gets caught doing it,” Brian Jackowski, a junior, told WBZ-TV.

“It's kind of ridiculous how the girls are just that willing to send out pictures of themselves,” said Walpole High senior Colton Mitchell. “It's kind of sad; they send one to one guy and they just keep passing them around, and before you know it the whole school has seen them.”

In a written statement, Superintendent Lynch said he wanted to, “assure the entire Walpole Public Schools' community that this matter is being dealt with appropriately and with the best interests of our students in mind.”

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