11-year-old asking doctors to amputate his leg

11-year-old asking doctors to amputate his leg (Image 1)

At the age of 11, Amit Vigoda has faced decisions that many adults would have trouble making.  Recently, he decided he wanted to have part of his leg amputated.

The Berkeley, California boy as a rare disorder that causes his leg bones to fracture under the slightest stress. Right now his leg is broken caused by simply walking. He was even born with a broken leg.

He said he experiences night terrors and is already on the maximum amount of Tylenol and Advil for his age.

Vigoda said he feels he has a better chance of playing contact sports and running if he has the procedure done.

It is a decision his parents and doctors support.

Amit, came to the United States 18 months ago from Israel. His surgery is scheduled April 10 at Shriner's Hospital for Children in Sacramento, California.  He will undergo the below-the-knee amputation and then will be fitted for a  prosthetic leg and within three months.

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