8-year-old uses savings to buy smoke detectors

8-year-old uses savings to buy smoke detectors (Image 1)

A fire that killed a mother and child earlier this year really impacted the small town in Grand Prairie, Texas. It also made quite an impact on 8-year-old Hector Montoya. He had trouble understanding why a mother and her six-year-old daughter couldn’t get out in time and how the home didn’t have a working smoke detector.

 Hector decided to take action so future lives could be saved.

Hector told a local TV station that he was saving $300 for a PS4 but he thought saving a life was a little more important.

He took his money and bought smoke detectors. With the help of the Grand Prairie Fire Department Hector installed nearly 100 new detectors in homes. Monty Montoya, Hector’s mother said, “Hector is passionate about things and when he gets something in his mind – he does it.” 


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