SC man’s Dukes of Hazzard stunt possibly saved him from plummeting to his death

SC man's Dukes of Hazzard stunt possibly saved him from plummeting to his death (Image 1)

After a train derailment in Moncks Corner Monday that left a train in pieces and collapsed a bridge, authorities shared the most shocking news of all, someone accelerated over the 15-20 foot gap where the bridge had collapsed.

A driver, Jason Goodyear, was traveling down Cypress Gardens Road and saw the gap just moments after the train crash. Then, in a split second decision “put his foot to the floor.”

Berkeley County emergency responder Bill Salisbury described the stunt as something from the Dukes of Hazzard.

 Goodyear’s 2011 Chevy pickup accelerated over at least 15 feet of air before landing in a ditch on the other side of the gap.

The Chevy suffered some front end damage, including a smashed wheel.

“If you’re accelerating at the rate of gravity, 32 feet per second,” engineer Woody Poplin says, “If he doesn’t drop and enough for the front and to make contact with the other side and he can damage truck and still get over it.”

Without all sides of the equation known because investigators are still working on the scene, Poplin says to Goodyear’s skeptics, “It doesn’t have to be incorrect, you can clear the street on the right circumstances, sure. Nothing seems unbelievable about it to me but I don’t have all the details.”

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Goodyear posted photos on Facebook saying he, “jumped the bridge Fast & Furious style. I wouldn’t recommend it. The truck wasn’t drivable like they are in the movies.”

Salisbury said the decision to floor it saved Goodyear’s life, because he would have otherwise fallen into the gap and onto the wrecked train. Goodyear has declined to speak on-camera.

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