Business owners speak out on Horry County bike week rule

Business owners speak out on Horry County bike week rule (Image 1)

Bike week has kicked into high gear on the Grand Strand. Some businesses though said they’re missing out on a big part of the rally’s cash flow this weekend.

Businesses across Georgetown County line in Murrells Inlet already have vendors set up selling merchandise for bike week. 

“It’s wonderful. It’s a pretty normal bike week for us. The Beaver Bar has been doing its own thing for a while now so we’re really pleased to have everybody here,” said Leslye Beaver, the owner of The Beaver Bar.

But across county lines, bikers like Robert Manak are finding empty parking lots.

“I just don’t understand why here in Myrtle Beach they don’t have their tents set up. Up north, all the vendors are up and business is booming over there and we came up here just today and would like to spend some money and just have some fun and buy some souvenirs and everything and there is nothing here. And we can’t stay until tomorrow,” said Manak at the Harley Davidson dealership in Myrtle Beach on Sunday. 

Like the Harley Davidson Dealership, SBB could not set up until Monday morning. Horry County rules prohibit vendors to set up early. Horry County Officials explained the reason why they don’t allow vendors to set up over the weekend is because the county’s ordinance only allows temporary vending for a maximum of 7 days. 

Still, SBB general manager Bill Barber said it’s a tough pill to swallow, just feet away from the county line in Murrells Inlet. He said it’s hard to compete without vendors but rules are rules.

“It actually costs us half a Monday and revenue here just at SBB because vendors it takes 4-6 hours to set up, so our parking lot is full of vendors till mid afternoon so we probably lose 15 to 20 thousand dollars in sales because of that,” said Barber. 

Horry County has issued more than 60 rally vendor permits. They cost anywhere from 500 to 800 dollars, depending on location.

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