Water at SC beach mysteriously turns beautifully crystal blue

Water at SC beach mysteriously turns beautifully crystal blue (Image 1)

Folly Beach has never looked better. The water that is. The water is crystal blue and has many locals comparing it to the Bahamas.

“The pictures you’ll get with your camera phone are amazing,” said Rob Miller who works at Locklear’s on the pier. “I’ve been here for eight years and I’ve never seen it like this.”

Locals like Miller believe it’s all thanks to recent dredging.

At first there were several speculations as to what was causing the blueness, even oceanographers thought Wednesday’s rain was going to get Folly’s usual greenish-brownish waters to return.

That wasn’t the case.

College of Charleston professor Jack DiTullio, who teaches biological & chemical oceanography, attributes the resort-looking water to calcium carbonate precipitating due to Folly’s renourishment project.

Calcium carbonate (lime) reflects the water’s natural blue color back to the surface.

“It would be good to look at the Army Corps of Engineers website and see what sand they are using that is mixing with off shore water,” said DiTullio. 

As for businesses along Folly Beach they are hoping the blue waters attract more visitors.

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