Massive swarm of sharks on the move, now at beach in Florida

Massive swarm of sharks on the move, now at beach in Florida (Image 1)

Just outside Pensacola Pass, along the west sand bar, sharks are everywhere.

All of those dark images you see in the water are sharks.

A jet skier zips through the water with a child on board — right through the middle of a school of about 40 sharks. Chopper pilot Zack Sida with Orange Beach Helicopter Tours had heard a large number of sharks were in the area.

It appears the hundreds of sharks that were at Orange Beach in Alabama just 10 days ago are now a few miles east at Pensacola Pass.

“I think there were as many sharks just spread out a little more,” the helicopter pilot said.

He saw the large numbers congregating around Perdido Pass several days but this part of the coast is different.

 “The sand bar is a lot wider and a lot longer about a mile long. Right here they were concentrated at Alabama Point because the sand bar is so small.”

Along with the sharks there were plenty of dolphin and stingrays, even a sea turtle or two but the large number of sharks at this popular access to from Pensacola Bay to the Gulf was impressive and something Sida says you don’t see everyday.

 “These sharks I see on the beach from day to day but never what we had last week and what we saw today at Pensacola Pass still a lot of sharks.”

 It’s amazing how much a difference 10 or 15 miles can make.

 This time TV reporters didn’t see anyone swimming or anyone near the new shark migration — just a lot of boat traffic in that area but everyone seemed to be staying safe and staying away.

— Info from WKRG-TV

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