DNR officials patrol for BUIs on Horry County waters

DNR officials patrol for BUIs on Horry County waters (Image 1)

Officials with the Department of Natural Resources spend the summer months keeping boaters in Horry County safe specifically from alcohol related incidents.

During July 4th weekend, dozens of boaters were out on the water enjoying the weather.

For many that includes alcohol.

First Sergeant Nate Hutson with DNR says this is something they keep an eye out for.

“Weekend-in and weekend-out, we have issues and we’re on the water,” he said.

Hutson says as soon as the warm weather hits in May, DNR is on patrol.

He says just like drinking and driving behind the wheel of a car, drinking and boat is just as serious.

“You’ll end up on our boat in a life jacket and handcuffs and we’ll take you to J. Reuben Long {Detention Center},” he said.

Hutson says with blind curves and murky waters, drinking and boating can be dangerous, and well deserving of the nearly $500 fine.

He says it is hard to tell just how drunk you are on the boat; most of the time until it is too late.

“Easy thing to get is a sober driver,” said Hutson. “It’s better than a night in jail I’ll tell you that,” he added.

Many boaters agreed.

“You can still play drinking games without drinking,” said Amber Squires.

Squires and her friends made the trip to Conway from Aynor to celebrate the Fourth of July.

She said DNR being out in the waters did not ruin her fun.

“It’s good that they’re out here because there is a lot of crazy people out here and we have kids and there are people trying to have a good time,” said Squires.

She says one of her biggest fears on the water is someone drinking and not being responsible.

She and many of the other boaters say because of that reason, they left the drinking up to their friends to make sure they could get everyone back safe.

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